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District and School PBIS Assessment Evaluation Planning

This session prepares school and district teams to effectively plan the annual and ongoing assessment of PBIS implementation and resulting outcomes. It takes into consideration the contextual needs of schools based upon their varying levels of implementation.


This session will share information about the reliable and valid survey and reporting tools available free to all users via PBIS Assessment. Regular and ongoing formal assessment of PBIS implementation and related student outcomes is foundational to the implementation of PBIS with fidelity. The resulting assessment data is used to inform the action plan for promoting a positive and predictable school environment and to plan for coaching, resource, technical assistance, and professional development needs.

PBIS Assessment offers seven surveys that assess SWPBIS implementation fidelity and two more that attend to implementation outcomes for students and staff. Based on varying implementation levels, schools within the same district or region often have disparate assessment needs. This session helps district and/or school teams determine which Assessment survey tools will be most useful, and how to effectively plan and efficiently organize the annual and ongoing evaluation process.

Target Audience

This training is designed for PBIS Assessment Coordinators and others responsible for planning district or regional PBIS implementation evaluation.

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